400W LED Enthusiast Backdrop and Umbrella Light Kit Bundle-Black

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photographers alike. The 400W Umbrella kit LED bulbs, swivel lamp holders, shoot-through umbrellas and stands.

The backdrop that is included is PVC Vinyl 2.2m(W) x 3m(H) white / black reversible and is seamless and easy to keep clean. The backdrop cannot be folded as it has a solid 0.38mm aluminum pole that is attached to the backdrop. The benefit of having Pvc Vinyl Backdrop is not only for quality and durability but also because of the quick easy setup.

What’s in the box
2 x 400w LED
2 x 84cm black reflective umbrellas
2 x bulb holders
2 x 200cm stands
1 x pvc backdrop 2.2m(W)x 3m(H) + aluminum pole
2 x backdrop stands