Floxi 170W LED Softbox Light Kit

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The Floxi 170W LED Softbox light kit contains two 85 watt LED bulbs . The bulbs are adjustable in terms of brightness and colour. The bulbs have an option of changing between cool white or warmer yellow light. This Softbox Light kit uses an Infrared remote control which is very handy for switching the Lights on/off and changing between light colors This Softox Light kit is Ideal for both video and photographic applications. The Floxi 170W softbox Light Kit includes 50*70 softboxes that soften light stream and remove shadows to make for perfect shooting. It also support 180┬░rotation, easy to adjust.Includes Durable Lightweight metal light stand, adjustable length from 80cm to 200cm max.

Specs :
-What is included in this light kit:
-2x 50*70 cm softboxes
-2x 200cm Light stand
-2x 85W LED bulbs
-1x Remote Control
-1x carry bag