Floxi Pvc Vinyl Backrop +Backdrop Stands 2,2m (W)x 3m (H)

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PVC backdrops is the ideal studio backdrop for beginners and pros alike. Unlike cotton and paper backdrops, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material can withstand the abuse of numerous photoshoots. The material is very easy to clean, too. Smudges and dirt marks can be easily removed using a damp mop/cloth and some cleaning agents. The unique matte finish reduces the appearance of sheen and reflections. This backdrop includes its own Ø38mm aluminium core crossbar with Ø15m drilled holes either end for easy mounting.

– Crossbar is not sectional or telescopic. It is a solid aluminum piece
-Crossbar has ?15mm drilled holes on each end. This allows you to mount the PVC backdrop onto two light stands
– Matte finish (to reduce gloss and shine)
– Easy to clean surface
– Hard-wearing material designed to withstand the abuse of numerous photoshoots
– Wrinkle, warping, and crease-resistance

-2.2m (W) x 3m (H)
-0.38mm aluminum pole

What’s in the box
1x PVC backdrop
1x Aluminum pole
2x Light stands